Track supplies & diseases anywhere.

Inventory management created for health organizations in the developing world.

What is Reliefwatch?

Developing countries lack the infrastructure to effectively manage supply chains. As a result, expired medications and stockouts are common with current solutions.

Reliefwatch uses a cloud-based system to track your data in real-time, analyzed and available anywhere in the world. Best of all, our service relies on the basic mobile phones your clinic workers already have.

The Simplest Solution

No training required for clinic workers. If you can answer a phone, you can use our system.

Lightning-Fast Setup

Reliefwatch requires no new downloads, hardware, or installations. We use the phones you already have.

Fully Cloud-Based

All data is stored in our cloud system, available anywhere in real-time. Data is sent to our system via basic voice calls.

Built-in Analytics

Reliefwatch aggregates data across clinics and regions to provide key metrics to all stakeholders.

Works Anywhere

Our system can be configured in over 190 countries and has multilingual support.

Best-in-Class Support

Your problems are our problems. Get support fast. Don't see something you need? Just ask.

Designed for the developing world

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Southeast Asia

Our purpose

Increasing access to improve quality of life. Reliefwatch provides people around the world with access to medicine and care to help them live healthier and happier.

Our team

Reliefwatch joins technological skill with over a decade of international development experience.

Reliefwatch's system is built by our in-house developers, well-versed in the creation and deployment of enterprise-level inventory systems. Our leadership has formed numerous partnerships with international health NGOs, multilateral funders, and government agencies.


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“Reliefwatch is a remarkable partner. Not only have we improved our operations, but we've increased the impact in our communities.”

Shital Vora
Co-Founder of Global Brigades